As a professional I use the tools of my trade, technical rules, ethical standards and experience to calm the emotion of any situation and create a viable commercial solution.

Business Focused Professional

As a business focused HR and training professional I have a comprehensive understanding of what makes great HR and workplace training

  • Behavioural science, and what motivates behavioural change
  • Organisational data, so that appropriate and accurate information is used to make value-adding decisions
  • Stakeholder wider concerns, that put people at the heart of decision-making.

Focused on a Positive Impact

The focus of my activities is on creating a positive value adding impact on every project that I am engaged on, by;

  • Applying the ‘right for the business’ approaches to help businesses achieve their objectives
  • Creating ways of working that encourage employees to be more productive, and contribute to the growth of the business
  • Ensuring that the HR and training function is ‘future-proof’

Continuous Professional Development

I have a strategy and plan of activities that will ensure that I both refresh my existing knowledge and understand the latest research around how a HR and training professional can increase and improve the value they add to a business.

Professional Knowledge

A comprehensive understanding of the knowledge that underpins great HR and work place training;

  • People Practice
  • Culture and Behaviour
  • Business Acumen
  • Analytics and Creating Value
  • Digital Working
  • Change

Professional Skills

Wide-ranging skills that enable me to apply that knowledge in the right way, at the right time so that I create a positive impact on the business;

  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Relations
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Learning and Development
  • Organisation Development and Design
  • People Analytics
  • Resourcing
  • Reward
  • Talent Management

Professional Behaviours

Behaving in a way that fosters professional credibility;

  • Ethical Practice
  • Professional Courage and Influence
  • Valuing People
  • Working Inclusively
  • Commercial Drive
  • Passion for Learning
  • Insights Focused
  • Situational Decision-Making