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September 22nd, 2015 by Michael Millward

Michael Millward spent today at an event organised by the University of York at which, academics from the university together with business and voluntary sector professionals explored the role of employee volunteering within a business and the potential benefits that that volunteering delivers not just for the voluntary sector organisations that the employees volunteer with, but also the employee and the employing organisation.

Michael has a long held interest in employee volunteering as an employee development tool. His first project when he founded Abeceder was pro bono research for Business in the Community.

Michael is currently a volunteer with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a volunteer secondary school governor and a volunteer on the Community Plan team for the village that he lives in.

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December 2nd, 2014 by Michael Millward

This afternoon Michael Millward presented the first of CIPD North Yorkshire branch Webinar.

Michael, who is the volunteer chair of the branch was inspired by the coming festive period, which he hoped would be full of goodwill and presented a webinar on how volunteering can be used as an employee development tool.

It is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular, but that was not the case when Michael first researched the potential for employee volunteering to be part of a blended employee development programme.

That was back in 2004, when Michael first launched Abeceder with a pro bono project for Business in the Community, the charity that promotes responsible business.

You can see the webinar at this link:

Volunteering as an Employee Development Tool

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March 5th, 2012 by Michael Millward

Michael Millward joined Elly Fiorentini on the BBC Radio York Drive time show this evening to discuss the growth in employment in the voluntary sector.

Speaking from the Northern HR Conference 2012 for the Voluntary and Community Sector and Not for Profit Organisations Mr Millward who had led a seminar earlier in the day on absence management explained that the sector is rapidly growing and employing an increasingly large number of people.

To be a voluntary sector organisation it just needs to run by a board of trustees instead of a board of directors.

Organisations attending the conference which was organised by the North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations reflected said Mr Millward the wide range of organisations in the sector. It is a mistake to assume that all organisations in the sector are small; there are many substantial businesses, with multi-million pound turnover.

Regardless of their size these organisations face the same issues as a private or public sector organisation when they start to employ people.

In many voluntary sector organisations the terms and conditions of employment including rates of pay and benefits are similar to those in the public sector. So working in the voluntary sector does not mean that you have to be a full time volunteer or live on meagre wages.

This means that the sector is increasingly attractive to top performers and people with experience of working in the voluntary sector are increasingly attractive as candidates to employers in other sectors. This said Mr Millward is because of the restricted budgets that the voluntary sector operates, people have to stretch every pound so to speak and the connections that people in the sector make across the public and private sector.

But it is important to remember, if you are running a voluntary sector organisation, that as soon as you start employing people you must comply with employment legislation including health and safety.

If you get it wrong as a manager in a voluntary sector organisation you will be as liable to pay the employee compensation as a private sector employer. The difference is that the money will come from grant funds or donations and that may put the existence of your organisation and the services it provides in jeopardy.

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October 18th, 2010 by Michael Millward

Abeceder managing director Michael Millward joined Elly Fiorentini the presenter of the BBC Radio York Drive Time Show this afternoon to discuss how Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan for a Big Society will impact on employers in North Yorkshire.

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