Ever since the first time I used employee management software I have been frustrated by expensive systems that acted like electronic filing systems and were overly complex to use.

As a HR professional I wanted an employee management solution that

  • Was designed by HR professionals
  • Uses state of the art technology
  • Has intuitive user-friendly processes
  • Covers every stage of the employer – employee relationship from hiring to retiring
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Performance and Objective Management
    • Organisational Development
    • Payroll and Benefits
    • Expenses
    • Absence
    • Time-keeping
    • Learning and Development
    • Employment Law including access to fully qualified employment solicitors
    • Disciplinary and Grievance Management
    • Health and Safety
    • Employee Communications
  • Is Multi-Cultural and Multi-National
  • Has low set-up and maintenance costs
  • Could be tailored to the exact needs of any employer
  • Includes how to guides, and support from HR, training, payroll and other qualified professionals
  • Has the full Work Place Learning Centre catalogue included and a range of other employment related products and services including
    • Insurance
    • Travel
    • Facilities
    • Asset Management

I wanted the software to be a tool for who ever was responsible for HR functions to enable them to contribute more to the business by

  • Making it easy for managers to follow the right HR process at the correct time in the correct way
  • Encouraging employees to engage with their employer more effectively and increase their productivity
  • Predicting what may happen next and enable the HR person to act proactively to prevent issues becoming problems

Fulfilling those requirements led to the creation of Abeceder H2R – an employee management solution designed by HR professionals to enable employers to manage every aspect of the employer – employee relationship more effectively more of the time.