Chartered HR Professional

Michael Millward the Founder of Abeceder, started his HR career in 1981.

Since 1981 Mr Millward has built a successful career in both operational and strategic roles in a wide range of organisations from large blue chip multinational and start-up organisations, in joint venture, e-commerce, government, hi-tech, manufacturing, retail distribution, financial and service sectors in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Michael Millward’s reputation for providing leading edge business, organisational development and transformational management has been acquired through linking the application of innovative approaches to management, to strategic organisational objectives, and built on his talent for thinking outside the box and identify causes rather than symptoms.

Michael Millward is a detail orientated, opportunity minded, lateral thinker, who seeks to influence rather than control, and to build relationships based on common purpose, and mutual trust.

Key Experience

  • Created business focused HR functions, which facilitated the establishment of partnership relationships with line management.
  • Designed organizational, development initiatives that link people development to business objectives.
  • Built multi-cultural international start up joint venture teams.
  • Implemented integrated computerised payroll and personnel management systems

He is a chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Wales.

After a successful international career, Michael Millward developed Abeceder as a solution to the frustrations he had experienced during his career as both a provider and purchaser of consultancy services.

Michael Millward has a Masters degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Wales, and is a member of the United Kingdom Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

What People Say about Michael Millward as a Chartered HR Professional

“Michael is one of the most focused and tenacious HR professionals I know. Very creative, and extremely innovative, he forced leaders to think outside the box while at Newbridge. When Michael put an idea forward, it was invariable on the mark…and frequently ahead of his time. A great team player, and very adaptable, he is an asset to any organization.”

MW Global Head of HR Telecommunications Industry

“Michael was fantastic to work with ! Always gave good advice, listened and more importantly guided you in the right direction. A real asset to the company…

KW Payroll Manager Telecommunications Industry

February 19th, 2011 by Michael Millward