June 3rd, 2015 by Michael Millward

In January 2015 Michael Millward volunteer branch chair of the CIPD North Yorkshire branch shared his HR predictions for 2015 in a webinar hosted on behalf of the the branch by Shorebird.

One of the predictions Michael made was that employers would start to make more use of information technology to manage employees and improve the ways in which they used the social aspects of the internet to engage with those employees.

Earlier today Michael delivered a webinar in which he focused on this prediction and identified how straight forward is for organisations of all types to reduce administration time and increase employee engagement with their employers.

Michael explained how the way in which HR professionals’ use of information technology and the internet has developed and the impact this has had on employees, employers and the HR function.

Michael explained how:

  • Making the right technology decisions can make life so much more straight-forward.
  • Technology can be used to focus employees on performance and the achievement of objectives
  • Appropriate use of technology can enhance employee relations and employee engagement.

This is an on-demand webinar that will be useful to both HR professionals, employers regardless of whether they have an existing employee management system, are considering getting one or changing an existing one, or have not considered how technology can enhance employee management and engagement.

You can view the webinar at this link:

How to Use HR Technology Effectively

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