April 15th, 2015 by Michael Millward

At the start of the year Michael Millward, volunteer chair of the CIPD North Yorkshire branch collated predictions from various organisations about how the world of work would be changing in 2015.

Earlier today Michael presented the first of a series of webinars in which he will explore these predictions in more depth.

The first of the predictions to come under the spotlight is that there will be an increase in the level of worker involvement and workplace democracy.

In the webinar Michael explained the differences between employee ownership, employee engagement and work place democracy He explored different perspectives of what democracy at work means, how it has worked successfully for some organisations and how other organisations wish that they had done it differently.

You may be surprised by just how democratic your work place is and how easy it might be to improve the experience of work by adding some elements of democracy to the way in which you engage with your people.

This is a webinar that will appeal to HR professionals and business leaders who are interested in understanding their employees and how they can encorage them to work more effectively.

The CIPD North Yorkshire branch is able to provide on demand webinars because of the support provided by Shorebird RPO. This link will take you to the Shorebird RPO website where you can see the webinar.

Work Place Democracy


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