Throughout my career when it has been necessary for me to buy learning resources, training courses or other development related services I was always frustrated by how difficult it was to identify potential suppliers.

So, when I established Abeceder in 2004 I resolved to include a learning related web shop. In 2010 this web shop became Work Place Learning Centre (

The catalogue contains a large and growing selection of

  • Learning Resources – Everything from a health and safety poster featuring the characters from the hit Channel 4 TV series The Simpsons to a training DVD featuring household names, is in the WPLC catalogue.
  • Training Courses – It could be an E-learning course covering soft skills or a professional qualification, you’ll find the complete spectrum of training courses in the WPLC catalogue
  • Development Services – You might need a psychometric assessment to help identify people with management potential or perhaps you need to search the directory of individual trainers and coaches.

Work Place Learning Centre works with major international producers of learning resources, and the big names in training and coaching provision. WPLC also supports independent professionals to help them to use their knowledge and expertise to create learning resources that can be used by both employers and other professionals to enhance an employee’s skills and knowledge.

Work Place Learning Centre is becoming the one-stop-shop for buyers of learning resources, training courses and development services   

The Work Place Learning Centre catalogue is included in the Abeceder H2R hiring to retiring employee management solution.